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C-Innovation is committed to providing its employees with safe working conditions. This commitment ensures not only the well being of our staff, but also that of our subcontractors and vendors. Our goal is to minimize incidents of ill health, injury and exposure to environmental hazards in the workplace. This requires that we search out, adopt and update the best practices relevant and proportionate to the risks involved with each activity and that we continue to identify new relevant activities. This is achieved by creating a workplace in which managers and staff communicate openly and work together collaboratively.

Having received our ISO 9001 certificate in 2009, C-Innovation's QHSE management system provides ongoing checks and balances with the goal of earning an ISO 18001 certification by the end of 2012. This additional certification will ensure that daily work activities are being conducted to the highest level possible in regard to workplace quality, health, safety and the environment.

Our QHSE objectives as a company are to support a positive state of mind, a pure environment and a healthy lifestyle among our employees. These objectives are achieved through managed workplace visits, continual review of safe work practices, ongoing safety training and employee incentive programs.

QHSE Contacts:

HSE Manager

Damion Thomas


Quality Manager

Robby Economides